Regeneration Overview

…we play a variety of roles in Regeneration projects

Consultation. We have worked nationally on over forty consultation projects in both the public and the private sector. The techniques we use include: roadshows and exhibitions; focus groups; stakeholder events; participatory planning and design games; postal, face-to-face and telephone surveys; citizen juries; text and web based communication and newsletters.

Planning, Development, Delivery and Funding Bids. PSC is one of the leading consultancies in the UK in promoting and delivering successful community involvement and community engagement in planning, neighbourhood renewal, and urban regeneration. Much of our work is to support medium to large scale projects, but we also work extensively with community and voluntary sector groups on smaller scale projects.

PROJECT EVALUATION. We have been commissioned to perform post-completion reviews on a number of regeneration projects and have worked with stakeholders and beneficiaries to look at best practivce, benefits realisation and lessons learnt for future projects.

TRAINING. We have developed an extensive range of training courses specifically designed to help both professionals and non-professionals to aquire the knowledge and skills needed to ensure the success of regeneration projects.