Regeneration Evaluation

…evaluating community projects

We have been commissioned to perform post-completion reviews on a number of regeneration projects and have worked with stakeholders and beneficiaries to look at best practivce, benefits realisation and lessons learnt for future projects.

Evaluating Mainstreaming in Rochdale. We undertook a six month project to:
• Consider national guidelines and good practice in the context of mainstreaming.
• Pool knowledge and information about the Borough’ s understanding of mainstreaming.
• Identify and reflect on good practice.
• Develop a definition of mainstreaming and help others understand the concept and how it might be implemented in practice.
• Set out the main tasks to develop the mainstreaming agenda in the Borough.

As well as writing the evaluation report, we also developed a self-assessment tool for individual projects to use, and organised and contributed to a Mainstreaming Conference to explain the evaluation project and disseminate the results.

Final Evaluation of Middleton Pride SRB Project. This was a comprehensive end of project evaluation of a £10million SRB project in Greater Manchester. Our brief was to make an assessment of the overall social, physical, and economic impact of the programmes and to assess the nature, scope and impact of a range of individual projects (15 in total), ranging from projects of under £50,000 total capital and revenue spend, to two projects that spent £879,000 and £883,000 respectively. The project used extensive stakeholder and beneficiary research (using a mix of methods including survey work, public events, exhibitions, focus groups and interviews)