Housing Project Evaluation

…evaluating project effectiveness

We have been commissioned to evaluate the effectiveness of a wide variety of housing related work programmes looking at the impact and overall achievement against the original aims and objectives. In addition to specific recommendations we have produced best practice guides, self-assesment tools and held national conferences to disseminate findings.

Housing Association Services in Chesterfield. This was a project jointly commissioned by Chesterfield Borough Council and local Registered Social Landlords to assess the nature and quality of RSL service level provision in the Borough, and to make recommendations for further developing those services. The methods used here included postal surveys, focus groups, half day beneficiary events and stakeholder and beneficiary interviews.

Evaluation of the Higher Broughton Housing Group (HBHG). HBHG (now part of Contour Housing) was set up in the mid-1990’s to develop joint lettings between Registered Social Landlords, tackle nuisance, develop joint working with private landlords, provide an analysis of joint problems and identify research to help solve them, in the Broughton area of Salford. We were commissioned in late 2000 to evaluate what had been achieved and make recommendations for further development of the group. This involved stakeholder and beneficiary consultation, survey work, primary research and liaison with external bodies, for example Salford City Council and the Housing Corporation.

Evaluation of RSL Approaches to Tackling Rent Arrears.This work was commissioned by a group of North West RSLs and the National Housing Federation. Drawing on primary research conducted by the RSLs themselves, we produced a Good Practice Guide that drew out best practice recommendations on how to tackle RSL rent arrears.

Evaluation of Partnering in the Rochdale Borough-wide Housing Estate Improvement Programme. This was a project commissioned by RoFTRA ( Rochdale Federation of Tenants and Residents Associations) and funded by an ODPM/CIH grant. The project evaluated the model of social housing partnering used by Rochdale Boroughwide Housing (the ALMO) in its major housing improvement programme, and to make recommendations for the future pattern of partnering in the Borough. The techniques used here included a Borough-wide household survey, two half day improvement seminars and stakeholder and beneficiary interviews. The outcome of this work was further developed in a Good Practice Guide: ‘Construction Partnering and Tenant Empowerment: how social housing tenants can get the best out of new approaches to capital programmes’. Click here to get your FREE copy of the guide.

Evaluation of the Liverpool RSL Stock Swap 2002. We were commissioned in 2001/2 to evaluate the stock swap programme initiated in Liverpool by Riverside and Liverpool Housing Trust. The outcomes of this project included both a published Good Practice Guide and a one-day national conference to disseminate its findings.