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…meet the team

Steve Sharples

Steve is the Director of PS Consultants. Over the last 24 years he has carried out consultancy, training and research for a large number of Local Authorities, Housing Associations and Government Departments on social housing, economic development and regeneration issues. Prior to moving into consultancy, in 1988 he taught and researched for 20 years at the University of Aston, Dundee, the University of California at Los Angeles, and the University of Strathclyde, where he was Director of the Housing and Rehabilitation Research Unit.

Christine Bailey

Christine combines her training as a town planner with substantial experience of community–led urban regeneration, neighbourhood improvement, community development, and community enterprise initiatives which she developed from previous roles with the Community Technical Aid Centre (CTAC) Manchester: Riverside Housing Association, the Eldonian Development Trust, Liverpool and Liverpool Housing Action Trust (HAT).

Jim Mitchell

Formerly a National Development Officer for TPAS Scotland in the late 80’s and early 90’s, Jim has a wealth of experience in community development, tenant participation, social housing and neighbourhood regeneration. Jim has previously worked for PS Consultants for four years as Project Co-ordinator in the Glasgow Housing stock transfer, where he helped PS Consultants to be chosen by tenants in 8 out of 31 neighbourhoods as their Independent Tenant Adviser or ITA. He has been involved in several housing option appraisals and stock transfers across the England, Scotland and Wales, where he has advised, trained and supported the involvement of tenants and leaseholders, including as Tenant Board Members, before re-joining PS Consultants.

Paul Podesta

Paul joined PSC after a long and rewarding professional career in Information Technology within the UK Banking and Finance sector, including Barclays and AIG. In addition to the technical aspects of these roles, the senior positions he has held have given him an equally wide experience of finance, business and general management. His formal project management training and experience of working with diverse groups of stakeholders to set and achieve their desired outcomes have a strong fit within typical PSC assignments.

Patrick Haigh

Patrick has worked for a range of public sector bodies including Metropolitan Boroughs, a Development Corporation and a Housing Association, performing a wide range of roles. Patrick’s position before joining us was as Collingwood Housing Association’s Information Coordinator, responsible for the production of statistical and performance indicator reports for the Association’s Management Team and Board of Management, the Housing Corporation, local authority joint commissioning partners and others.