About P S Consultants

PSC is an urban regeneration and social housing consultancy, which was established in 1995. Since then, we have carried out more than 250 individual commissions with a wide range of organisations across the whole of the UK. We specialise in projects that achieve positive change in communities and neighbourhoods.

What we do

HOUSING. We work in all areas of housing policy, delivery, management and improvement within the public, private and voluntary sectors, including work with councils, Housing Associations, tenant and community groups and leaseholders.

COMMUNITIES. Much of what we do involves working directly with residents and community organisations on projects in their local areas. Our approach is participative and focussed on achieving real projects that change lives and communities for the better.

REGENERATION. We have experience in working to bring about neighbourhood regeneration and renewal in urban and rural areas. Working on both large and small projects, we have a great deal of experience in project planning, project management, business planning and fund raising, to support local, national and EU funded regeneration work